Bookbinding Now is a New York-based community podcast posted every other Wednesday. Bookbinding Now is hosted by Susan Mills in conjunction with Full Tilt.

Designer, printer and binder Sarah Bryant is the proprietor of Big Jump Press. She was the 2008-2011 Victor Hammer Fellow in the Book Arts at Wells College and the 2011 winner of the MCBA Artist's Book Prize.

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Sam Ita is an author, artist, and paper-engineer. He invented the pop-up classic comic book and is the author of four pop-up/comic book adaptations - Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Frankenstein and The Odyssey.

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Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich organized 10x10 Japanese Photobooks, a pop-up reading room coinciding with the NY Art Book Fair. It was sponsored by the ICP Library and the Photobook Facebook Group.

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Josh Hockensmith produces handmade artist books and blank books under the name blue bluer books. He also curates the artist book collection at the University of North Carolina Art Library.

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Natalie Stopka binds books using uncommon fibers, repurposed hand dyed fabrics and vintage textiles. She was a 2011/12 Van Lier/Stein Scholar at the Center for Book Arts, NYC and a 2012 intern at the Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn.

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Beth Morris is an assistant librarian at the Yale Center for British Art. Her 2010 MSLS thesis focuses on how artists' book collections are used, accessed and developed within academic institutions.

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Laura Hoptman is Curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art. She organized the recent exhibition Ecstatic Alphabet/Heaps of Language.

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Steve Miller coordinates the Book Arts MFA Program at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He is the longtime host of the Book Artists and Poets podcast series

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Will Noel is Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. He is also an Archimedes Palimpsest enthusiast, and he likes to make Creative Commons digital assets out of medieval manuscripts.

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Or Books is the fiction and non-fiction publisher known for embracing progressive change in politics, culture and business. Co-founder Colin Robinson addresses the challenges facing contemporary publishing.

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The Journal of Artists' Books aka JAB provides a platform for theoretical and creative expression. Founder and editor-in-chief Brad Freeman speaks with Miriam Schaer.

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Based in Oakland, California, Macy Chadwick publishes artist’s books and limited-edition prints under the imprint In Cahoots Press. She is the recipient of the CBAA Emerging Educator Award 2012.

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Mumbai-based artist Priya Pereira of Pixiebks recently visited New York; Cheryl Costello guest-hosts.

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Bookbinder and book artist Reg Beatty has maintained a studio in Toronto since 1992; he regularly writes and lectures about book culture. Nancy Jacobi guest-hosts.

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Bookbinder, book artist and printmaker Simon Goode is in the process of founding the London Centre for Book Arts.

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Dan Morris and Micah Slawinski-Currier co-own The Dale Guild Type Foundry, one of the last producers of true metal foundry type; Dan also runs The Arm Letterpress. Guest-host is Russell Maret.

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Kathleen Walkup is a founding member of the The College Book Art Association; she also directs the book art program at Mills College in Oakland, California.

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French Theory Today: An Introduction to Possible Futures was published as a pamphlet series by The Public School New York. Anne Callahan, Sarah Resnick and Kamomi Solidum transcribed, researched, solicited, edited, designed, hand-Risographed and handbound the 700 pamphlets.

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In rural Argentina, book artist Alex Appella co-owns Transient Books - a custom hand bindery with a global customer base.

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The Bonefolder, an open-access online journal founded in 2004, ceased publication in January 2012. Founder and publisher Peter Verheyen and long-time editor Karen Hanmer comment. Miriam Schaer guest-hosts.

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Artist and educator Scott McCarney lives, works and gardens in Rochester, New York.

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Founder and CEO of the Japanese Paper Place, Nancy Jacobi mixes art with business, tradition with innovation and passion with purpose.

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