Bookbinding Now is a New York-based community podcast posted every other Wednesday. Bookbinding Now is hosted by Susan Mills in conjunction with Full Tilt.

86d.  The Collecting of Artist Books was a colloquium at the Museum of Modern Art, organized by The Center for Book Arts. The fourth panel was Letterpress Today and Its Revelancy for Artmaking

with Katherine Ruffin, Book Arts Program Director, Wellesley College

as moderator.


The panelists -Duke Collier, Collector (MA)

Robin Price, Publisher & Artist (CT)

Russell Maret, Artist (NY)

Mark Dimunation, Chief, Rare Books & Special Collections, Library of Congress

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86c.  The Collecting of Artist Books was a colloquium at the Museum of Modern Art, organized by The Center for Book Arts. The third panel was

The Artist Book as a Vehicle for Social Commentarywith Tony White,  

Library Director & Curator, Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art 

as moderator.


The panelists -

Barbara Moore, Art Historian & former Rare Book Dealer (NY)

Monica Oppen, Collector (Australia)

Robert Ruben, Collector (NY)

Marshall Weber, Directing Curator of Booklyn Artist Alliance; Artist

Martha Wilson, Collector & Founder, Franklin Furnace

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86b.  The Collecting of Artist Books was a colloquium at the Museum of Modern Art, organized by The Center for Book Arts. The second panel was Artists Books: Meaning through Materials and Structure with Molly Schwartzburg, Librarian/Curator, University of Virginia as moderator.

The panelists - Mary Austin, Collector (CA)

Jack Ginsberg, Collector (South Africa)

Anne Kalmbach, Co-Founder, Women's Studio Workshop

Ruth Rogers, Curator of Special Collections, Wellesley College

Robbin Ami Silverberg, Proprietor of Dobbin Mill & Artist

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86a.  The Collecting of Artist Books was a colloquium at The Museum of Modern Art, organized by The Center for Book Arts. The first panel was Disseminating Ideas through Artist Books with David Platzker, Curator of Drawings and Prints, MoMA as moderator.


The panelists - Philip Aarons, Collector (NY)

Richard Minsky, Founder, Center for Book Arts; Artist

Maddy Rosenberg, Executive Director, Central Booking; Artist & Curator

Marvin Sackner, Collector, Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry (FL)

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85.  Mixed-media artist Doug Beube calls himself a 'biblioclast'.  Doug Beube:Breaking the Codex is a lush hardcover monograph, documenting three decades of his work.

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84. Joe Landry is a book conservator and designer bookbinder;  Katherine Taylor is an apprenticing binder. They recently participated in filming the mini-series of Lawrence Hill's award winning 2007 novel The Book of Negroes. It debuts at Cannes in October 2014.

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83.  Keith Smith has been making artists' books, poetry books, text books and dictionaries since 1967. Elizabeth Howard guest-hosts.

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82.  Jan Storm van Leeuwen is retired Keeper of the Binding Collection at the Royal Dutch Library in the Hague, an acclaimed historian of the book and bookbinding and a first ILAB Breslauer Prize winner. Cara Schlesinger guest-hosts.

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81.  Perception Shift: Contemporary Artists Working with the Book Form is a panel discussion in which contemporary artists Noah Breuer, Sheryl Oppenheim and Anne Vieux speak about their artistic practice and how it has come to include the artist book.  The panel, moderated by Alexander Campos, Director and Curator at The Center for Book Arts, was organized by Small Editions.

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80.  Andrea Peterson is one half of Hook Pottery Paper, a studio farm in northwest Indiana combining ceramic sculpture, artist's books, handmade paper, pottery and fresh eggs.

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79.  Calligrapher Kristina Komendant leads a tour of the traveling CBBAG exhibit Art of the Book 2013 currently showing at the Saskatchewan Craft Council's Affinity Gallery.


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78.  Toby Millman is a printmaker, photographer and sound collector. She is based in Hamtramck, an island city surrounded by Detroit.

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77. Mary Uthuppuru of Spring Leaf Press is Program Chair of the Guild of Bookworkers Midwest Chapter and the coordinator of Plainly Spoken, the 2013-14 GBW Midwest juried traveling exhibit inspired by Julia Miller's Books Will Speak Plain (The Legacy Press, 2010).

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76.  Kimberly McClure and Corina Reynolds are founding partners of Small Editions, a studio and press based in Brooklyn.

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75.  Ugly Duckling Presse publishes non-commercial literature and promotes emerging writers, international writers and forgotten writers. Anna Moschovakis and Linda Trimbath are members of the UDP Editorial Collective.

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74.  At the University of Maine at Machias, Bernie Vinzani directs the undergraduate Book Arts Studio, the UMM Press and the Gallery for the Book.

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73.  Ann Kalmbach and Tatana Kellner are two co-founders of Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY.  Ann is executive director; Tatana is artistic director.

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72. Cathryn Miller of Byopia Press recently exhibited World View , altered books from discarded dictionaries and encyclopedias, in Saskatoon, Canada.

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71.  Gray Zeitz of Larkspur Press publishes affordable letterpress books by Kentucky-based writers. Andrew Steeves of Gaspereau Press guest-hosts.

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70.  Mirabelle Jones is a Los Angeles-based performance artist, book artist and writer. She is currently self-publishing Jarring III to raise awareness and funds for rape crisis centers.

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69.   Henry Hebert is Rare Book Conservator, University of Illinois at

Urbana-Champaign. Erin Fletcher of Flash of the Hand guest-hosts.

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