Bookbinding Now is a New York-based community podcast posted every other Wednesday. Bookbinding Now is hosted by Susan Mills in conjunction with Full Tilt.

Susan K. Filter and Peter Rutledge Koch are directors of the Codex Foundation, hosting both the CODEX International Book Fair and the inaugural CODEX Mexico.

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Poet and printer Nancy Campbell studied English at Oxford and printing with Barbarian Press. Her newest artist's books respond to her residency at Upernavik Museum, Greenland.

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Artist, musician and writer Adam O'Reilly is on staff at Printed Matter,

the world's largest non-profit organization promoting publications made by artists.

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<a href="">Moveable Type</a> is Kyle Durrie, currently on the road with a fully functional letterpress printshop inside her 1982 Chevy step van.

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Barbara Mauriello publishes her own one-of-a-kind and limited edition artist books. She also collaborates with other artists and writers in producing limited editions of their work in book form.

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Abigail Uhteg is a second year student at West Dean College in England. Her 2009 video The Complex of All of These, documenting the making of her artist's book of the same name, currently has 90,000 views on YouTube.

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Garry Neill Kennedy is a conceptual artist; his exhibitions and installations include printed matter. He taught studio art at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for more than 40 years and was president of the College from 1967 to 1990.

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The Dawson Collection is one of Canada's most significant collections of functional typographical material, including over 1500 drawers of metal and wood type. It is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers - The Letterpress Gang.

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Weproductions (est. 1971) has published a generation of artists' books characterized by the unlimited edition, the paperback format and offset printing. Weproductions' Helen Douglas is interviewed by Brandon Graham.

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Judith Ivry Studio is a Manhattan-based, full service bindery established in 1986. Conservator and binder Judith Ivry gives a studio tour.

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Neale Albert collects miniature books and commissions miniature designer bindings. The Neale M. Albert Collection of Miniature Designer Bindings is on permanent exhibition at the Grolier Club in New York ( catalog pdf ); Laurence Fayard guest-hosts.

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Chicago binder, book and installation artist, Karen Hanmer is interviewed by Peter Verheyen.

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Rhonda Miller is the proprietor of My Handbound Books, an Etsy store and the publisher of My Handbound Books, a bookbinding blog.

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Laurence Fayard guest-hosts a panel discussion with Alexander Campos - director, The Center for Book Arts; Rocio Cerón - poet and editor/publisher of El Billar de Lucrecia; Gavin Dovey - bookbinder, Paper Dragon Books; Lisa Mackie - printmaker; Natalia Porter - designer and visual artist.

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Brandon Graham is a book artist and writer who lives in Chicago. He currently has an ongoing relationship with the Journal of Artist Books (JAB) where he writes articles and artist book reviews.

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Linda Hanauer is an artist and teacher. She teaches studio art, papermaking and  book arts at The Dalton School in New York City.

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The SP Weather Station is a rooftop weather station in Long Island City, New York. Co-founded by artists Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson, SPWS organizes weather-related publications, exhibitions and events.

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George Stenson is the founder of  Tedorigawa Bookmakers, a bookbindery in Kanazawa, Japan. Over the last four years, his short Tedorigawa bookbinding audio dramas have gained an international following.

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Peter Verheyen is a conservator and bookbinder. He created and maintains The Book Arts Web and is the founder and publisher of an e-journal, The Bonefolder.

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Situated in Brooklyn, Strike Three Press publishes handbound illustrated letterpress books. Their newest book is a collection of blues musicians portraits drawn by Joe Ciardiello.

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Tara Bryan is a painter and book artist living in Flatrock,

New Foundland and Labrador, Canada. At the moment,

she is fascinated by icebergs.

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The Reanimation Library is a small, independent library based in Brooklyn. It serves artists, writers and other cultural archeologists.

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Jeff Peachey is the owner of a New York City-based studio for the conservation of books, and the inventor of conservation tools and machines. He regularly writes about books and tools on his blog.

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Laurence Fayard

Laurence Fayard is a New York-based hand bookbinder.
She opened her own studio in 2009.

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Emily Speed is a UK-based artist who works in sculpture, installation, drawing, performance and books. She conceives her books as part of larger art works. She founded Artsists Book Fair Liverpool.

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